Windows Application Development in Doha

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FuGenX Technologies – Windows application development company, is a reputed organization well-known for its windows app development. FuGenX windows app development team includes highly qualified technical and non-technical team dealing with high technology to bring out the best to its customers. FuGenX has been creating successful history of services offered over various windows application and will continue to do so at affordable costs to its customers.

FuGenX Technologies is well known for an inventive windows apps development in the market.We rated top in the windows apps development companies list.

Why FuGenX???

  • Services at affordable cost
  • Quality is the prime focus during Windows app development
  • Focused at developing bug free, fragment free apps
  • Aimed at developing highly compatible, user friendly apps
  • Highly experienced technical hands focused at developing app with the usage of latest technology
  • Services are offered even after product launch.

Categories of app services we offer.

  • E-commerce applications
  • Augmented reality applications
  • Real time app based on GPS
  • 2D and 3D game center applications
  • Enterprise app
  • Push notifications, online shopping apps
  • Finance, banking, calendar based applications
  • Social networking applications
  • Audio video streaming application

FuGenX mobile application development team utilizes various latest technologies such as ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, .NET, visual blocks, phone gap, python and various application studios also xcode, IDE, unity 3D, phone gap, JSON, interface builder, SQlite database, openGL ES, open AL, accelerometer and more to develop cross function applications highly compatible over various platforms. We offer services suitable to wide range of customer’s best matching their requirements at best paid packages scrutinized after the cost effective procedures.

Inbox your ideas and we put our experts into transforming your ideas as windows apps at affordable costs. Feel free to share your ideas.

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